Verified Offset Projects

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, currently on track to exceed carbon dioxide by a factor of roughly 30 over the next 20 years, making it a dominant greenhouse gas in the second half of the twenty-first century. 
We believe that methane destruction is an urgent priority and have committed to the capture and destruction of methane as part of our climate action strategy. Yale’s portfolio of retired, verified carbon offset projects that address methane emissions demonstrate that commitment. 

Livestock Methane

Emissions from agriculture, specifically the raising of livestock, contributes to 14.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Almost half of those emissions are due to the methane produced by manure.  Farms can choose to utilize equipment that converts that methane to biogas through anaerobic digestion. The biogas can be used as heating fuel, to generate electricity, or fuel a vehicle. 

Laurelbrook Farm Dairy Manure Advanced Separation Project

East Canaan, CT

This project separates and adds wood chips to manure solids to create compost, permanently preventing methane production before it can be emitted.

Landfill Gas: Methane Capture & Destruction

When municipal solid waste is deposited in a landfill, methane is produced as materials begin to decompose. Some landfills capture and destroy methane when the gas is contained and flared or used to generate power. Precise monitoring systems ensure that landfill methane gas projects are among the highest quality of verifiably additional and permanent verified emission reductions available in the carbon offsets marketplace. 
Landfill gas projects also have direct benefits for the surrounding communities, as they improve air quality, reduce odors, and offer multiple economic benefits. 

Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority Landfill Gas Collection and Combustion Project

Lebanon, PA
Methane is destroyed by combustion in generators or in a back-up enclosed flare.

Greenville County Landfill Gas Utilization Project

Greenville County, SC
The project includes methane capture and destruction with an open flare and a modular electricity generation plant. 

Hilltop Sand and Gravel GHG Project

Alexandria, VA
Methane is collected and combusted through an open flare. 

Johnston Country Landfill

Johnston Country, VA
Methane is collected and combusted through an open flare.

Winchester Landfill Gas Project

Winchester, VA
This project involves the collection and ultimate combustion of landfill gas through two 1.059 kW engines and backup flare. It also includes 40 acres of land as part of a conservation easement along the nearby creek providing protection from development.
We recognize that not all carbon offsets are created equal, and that some are potentially problematic. However, we also know that more investments in carbon emissions reduction and removal projects are necessary to help us all take timely and decisive action on climate change. 
Our hope is that by developing and engaging in a robust screening process, we can help push the market to evolve in new and better ways that favor high quality carbon offset projects and make off-site, verified emissions reductions a valuable part of the solution for many.