Yale Releases 2022 Progress Report

    Annual update on Yale's nine-year sustainability plan highlights achievements and opportunities.


    Take Action

    From composting to reducing paper use, learn how you can contribute to a more sustainable Yale.


    Yale Experts Explain Climate Anxiety

    A Q&A about eco-anxiety—and how to cope with it


    Yale unveils action plan to advance campus climate change goals

    Yale has announced details of its three-pronged approach to achieving zero carbon emissions on campus by 2050.


Working toward a Yale where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into the scholarship and operations of the university, contributing to its social, environmental, and financial excellence and positioning Yale as a local and global leader.

Yale Experts Explain

An illustration of human head outline with the Earth as brain

Climate Anxiety

Anthony Leiserowitz and Sarah Lowe discuss eco-anxiety and how to cope with it.

Title image for interview with Yale experts on collective wellbeing

Collective Well-Being

Brita Roy and Maya Prabhu discuss how collective well-being can help communities weather climate disruptions.

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The Health Benefits of Alternative Commuting

While driving yourself to work may seem like a no-brainer, it is not the only option for daily commuting. Try these alternative commuting strategies for a healthier you and healthier Earth

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