2023 Sustainability Awards

    Meet 10 people helping to make Yale more sustainable.


    Take Action

    From composting to reducing paper use, learn how you can contribute to a more sustainable Yale.


    Yale Experts Explain Climate Lawsuits

    A Q&A with Yale Law School's Doug Kysar about the lawsuits aimed at curbing emissions and mitigating climate risks


    Celebrate Sustainability Week 2023

    Yale's annual sustainability week returns October 2-6. Browse our events calendar and commit to a sustainable future.


Working toward a Yale where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into the scholarship and operations of the university, contributing to its social, environmental, and financial excellence and positioning Yale as a local and global leader.

Yale Experts Explain

An illustration of the scales of justice with earth on one side and a factory on the other

Climate Lawsuits

Doug Kysar discusses lawsuits aimed at curbing emissions and mitigating climate risks. 

Title image for interview with Yale experts on climate anxiety

Climate Anxiety

Anthony Leiserowitz and Sarah Lowe discuss eco-anxiety and how to cope with it.

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The Health Benefits of Alternative Commuting

While driving yourself to work may seem like a no-brainer, it is not the only option for daily commuting. Try these alternative commuting strategies for a healthier you and healthier Earth

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