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Yale welcomes all voices in fostering a diverse and inclusive sustainability movement.

Yale’s Efforts

  • Yale alumni become champions for sustainability in all sectors. Yale Blue Green is a shared interest group for alumni who are engaged in sustainability issues and eager to connect with each other. 

What You Can Do

Our Objectives and Goals

Engage and Empower

Engage and empower members of the Yale community around themes of sustainability

In fall 2019, Yale’s 14 residential colleges adopted tailored Sustainability Action Plans to promote awareness of and engagement with local action whilst advancing institutional progress towards Yale’s long-term ambitions.

The Action Plans were the result of year-long consultation efforts and focus groups held with diverse campus stakeholders to identify the priorities, strengths, and limitations of each college. These discussions allowed for the customization of each plan to the unique culture and context of the residential colleges.

Undergraduate Sustainability Liaisons have been hired to guide the implementation of each college’s Action Plan and to organize sustainability programming for their student community.

This Objective is supported by the following goals. Progress reflects activities and accomplishments from July 2018 - June 2019: 

Sustainability Action Plans


By 2020, create and implement Sustainability Action Plans for key academic, cultural, and administrative Yale communities to support the ambitions of the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025


As of 2019, each of the 14 residential colleges has its own sustainability action plan and a student liaison to support implementation. Including the colleges, 27 action plans are in implementation and 8 are in development.


Sustainability Literacy


By 2020, develop and launch a sustainability literacy initiative for Yale students, faculty, and staff that assesses and improves sustainability awareness and empowers action.


The sustainability survey was administered to staff, faculty, and first- and third-year Yale College students in Fall 2018; over 1600 people responded. Analysis of the results showed that the Yale community is knowledgeable about sustainability, but that they would be more inclined to perform sustainability behaviors if they had clearer ways to measure them. Next steps are to identify opportunities to increase education and outreach around sustainability best practices.

Support Diversity and Inclusion

Support diversity and inclusion in local efforts through education and collaboration

This Objective is supported by the following goals. Progress reflects activities and accomplishments from July 2018 - June 2019: 

Sustainability Inclusion and Justice Initiative


By 2018, launch an initiative to promote dialogue about sustainability, inclusion, and justice on campus and in New Haven.


Ongoing efforts promote the connection between sustainability, inclusion, and justice. A subcommittee is investigating tools to integrate diversity, inclusion, and equity into sustainability operational decision making and will be setting new targets to assess impact.