Student athletes with Handsome Dan the Yale mascot promoting sustainability at the Yale-Harvard football game
November 9, 2023
Yale student athletes are working to ensure that trash and recycling end up where they belong at the Yale-Harvard football game on November 18.
Hands together wearing Yale-designed fresh air wristbands
November 6, 2023
Yale School of Public Health’s Krystal Pollitt speaks to Yale Ventures about her research into air pollution and her entrepreneurial journey.
A photo of farmland with forest in the background
November 6, 2023
Yale’s Pete Raymond is leading a U.S. Department of Energy study that explores promising methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
A ship in New York's East River with wildfire smoke enveloping skyscrapers in the background
November 6, 2023
A new Yale-led study shows how the respiratory health of people in New York suffered as the air quality diminished—and what that could mean for Connecticut.
A montage of Yale School of the Environment's Three Cairns Fellows
October 23, 2023
The 2023-2024 Three Cairns Fellows from Yale School of the Environment are implementing on-the-ground climate solutions across the Global South.
Photo of Yale student team with Hult Prize Foundation CEO Lori Van Dam and Stella McCartney
October 23, 2023
A Yale-based startup has won a $1 million prize for a company that turns banana crop waste into an eco-friendly leather alternative.
Screen grab from a video of Yale's Mae-Ling Lokko explaining what a living building is
October 23, 2023
In a pair of videos, Yale’s Mae-Ling Lokko explains what makes a structure a “living” building.