Photo graphic of Jordan Williams, manager of the Yale West Campus Farm
October 16, 2023
Jordan Williams is revitalizing Yale’s West Campus Farm—cultivating a sustainable food system that promotes community, health, and stewardship for the earth.
Photo of flooded village and fields
September 19, 2023
Yale’s Anthony Leiserowitz recently spoke to NPR about whether this summer’s extreme weather will shift opinion on climate change.
Aerial photo of a container ship being loaded by a crane
September 19, 2023
Yale’s Daniel Esty is co-leading a World Trade Organization project to make international trade more sustainable.
Photo of a bioswale in downtown New Haven
September 13, 2023
Our new interactive story map highlights Yale’s growing and award-winning sustainability features and programs.
Photo of Stuart DeCew, Executive Director of the Yale Center for Business and the Environment
September 12, 2023
Stuart DeCew is Executive Director of the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, which he likens to “a startup inside an academic environment.”
Screen grab from a video documenting summer work at Yale Farm
September 7, 2023
Watch a video about the Lazarus Summer Internship program.
Architect's rendering of the new Living Village at Yale Divinity School
September 7, 2023
Yale’s ‘Living Village’ will be a 51-student residence hall that gives back to the environment more than it takes.