A photo of Anna Pickett of the Yale-affiliated Urban Resources Initiative with participants in the Exploring Nature program
August 7, 2023
A partnership between Yale, New Haven, and local nonprofits offers new environmental programming for children and families.
July 24, 2023
The USDA has allocated more than $3 billion to help farmers transition to practices that sequester carbon and reduce emissions but some researchers have raised doubts.
July 24, 2023
The organization Bike Walk Connecticut is conducting a survey and willl share results with the Capital Region Council of Governments for use in regional planning. 
Photo of Yale environmental economist Matthew Kotchen
July 24, 2023
Environmental economist Matthew Kotchen talks about the social cost of carbon, the world of offsets, and the importance of connecting academics and policymakers.
A photo of Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
July 3, 2023
Yale climate expert Anthony Leiserowitz says people everywhere need to better understand climate solutions in order to know what to do.
A photo of a man drinking a cold beverage in a hot city
July 3, 2023
A Yale School of Public Health study analyzed eight years of cognitive tests in China amd matched results to local weather data.
A photo of participants in hardhats touring a forest in Finland
July 3, 2023
Yale faculty and students engage stakeholders in a dialogue about the role of mass timber in sustainable construction and mitigating climate change.