Photo of Yale alumni research carbon storage solutions in Kenya
December 4, 2023
A new startup led by a Yale alumnus is taking an innovative approach to removing carbon from the atmosphere.
Photo of Wildebeest plunging into a river
December 4, 2023
Yale ecologist Oswald Schmitz on the promise of animal rewilding as a tactic to mitigate climate change.
Left to right: Laurie Santos, Elizabeth Dunn, Christine Cordero, and Louis Qaqish discuss the importance of finding joy in environmental work during a live podcast of “The Happiness Lab” at Woolsey Hall on October 27, 2023. Credit: Melanie Stengel
November 21, 2023
The 5th annual Global Environmental Justice Conference at Yale shared stories about the joy of climate work.
Screen shot from video of Yale economists discussing economic growth in the face of climate change
November 21, 2023
A video featuring Yale economists Rohini Pande, Eli Fenichel, and Nicholas Ryan.
Graphic of Joe Mastracchio, Yale's sustainability champion for the month of Nov. 2023
November 13, 2023
Joe Mastracchio has worked for 15 years to make Yale more sustainable by improving how the university purchases goods and services. 
Student athletes with Handsome Dan the Yale mascot promoting sustainability at the Yale-Harvard football game
November 9, 2023
Yale student athletes are working to ensure that trash and recycling end up where they belong at the Yale-Harvard football game on November 18.
Hands together wearing Yale-designed fresh air wristbands
November 6, 2023
Yale School of Public Health’s Krystal Pollitt speaks to Yale Ventures about her research into air pollution and her entrepreneurial journey.