January 10, 2023
A new Yale article investigates whether people who adopt individual sustainability behaviors are less likely to participate in collective action.
January 10, 2023
Researchers will investigate the affects of nuclear fallout from attacks on Ukraine’s nuclear power plants.
A photo of Yale's Brad Erkkila with the Mini Carbon Dating System
January 3, 2023
There’s a new instrument at Yale that is expected to help dozens of scientists assess the benefits of natural climate solutions to alleviate catastrophic global warming.
A photo of a city under a sweltering sun
January 3, 2023
A team of researchers at the Yale School of Public Health has developed a metric to gauge heat vulnerability at the census-tract level.
An illustration of the passenger pigeon
January 3, 2023
The Institute of Sacred Music hosts a webinar series exploring topics relating to Mass Extinction: Art, Ritual, Story, and the Sacred.
Photo of animal in a tropical forest
December 22, 2022
A new study by Yale researchers reveals that animals play a key role in the recovery of tree species by carrying a wide variety of seeds into previously deforested areas. 
A photo illustration of Ginger Chapman and Yale's campus
December 6, 2022
In a Q&A, Chapman reflects on Yale’s sustainability progress and the work that remains to be done.