Yale Scientists Collaborate on New Art Exhibit

Craig Brodersen and Marlyse Duguid analyze the depiction of the environment in Alexander Lawrie’s painting "Pleasant Valley, Essex County, New York," which shows deforestation on the eastern edge of the Adirondack Mountains.
February 20, 2023

The era of landscape painting in the mid-1800s in the U.S. occurred at a time of industrial development, deforestation, and explosive population growth. A new exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery, developed in consultation with Yale School of the Environment scientists, focuses on this changing landscape and what it reveals about the time period.

The “Natural Histories” exhibit features 10 paintings, most set in New England, which reveal aspects of human impact on natural lands. Craig Brodersen, YSE professor of plant physiology ecology, and Marlyse Duguid, Thomas J. Siccama Senior Lecturer in Field Ecology and director of research at Yale Forests, developed the installation in coordination with the gallery.

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