A portrait of Sergio Gonzalez, Operations Manager for Silliman College at Yale
February 13, 2023
Whether building a sustainable cafe or planting a pollinator garden, Sergio Gonzalez goes above and beyond to support student wellness.
A photo illustration showing Yale University campus and migratory songbirds
February 13, 2023
Halfway through a yearlong study, the Yale Bird-Friendly Building Initiative is gathering critical insights that will help cities reduce bird window collisions.
A photo of smokestacks with a gray sky in the background
February 6, 2023
A new Yale study examines how different terms for planet-warming emissions impact Americans’ attitudes about the climate crisis.
An aerial photograph of the Outer Banks in North Carolina
February 6, 2023
Yale Professor Eli Fenichel is at the center of developing a new national strategy to measure the economic value of natural resources.
A photo of 9-year-old Bobbi Wilson holding a case containing her spotted lanternfly collection
January 27, 2023
Nine-year-old Bobbi Wilson was working to eradicate the invasive spotted lanternfly from her New Jersey neighborhood.
A photo illustration showing two members of the Bulldog Sustainability team wearing protective suits for a "waste audit"
January 24, 2023
The student athletes that form Bulldog Sustainability are working to make Yale Athletics greener—even picking through game-day trash to collect data and educate fans.
A photo illustration of Amber Garrard and with Yale's campus as background
January 23, 2023
A well-regarded sustainability leader at Yale, Garrard succceeds Ginger Chapman, who retired in December.