Heating your Room

Is your room too hot or cold? What can you do about it?

Rooms are heated by a system that takes steam from the Yale Central Power Plant and turns it into hot water, which flows through the radiator in each room. The temperature of the water depends on the outside temperature; the colder it is outside, the warmer the water temperature.

By turning the knob on your unit, you can adjust the amount of hot water running through the system. Because the temperature of the hot water fluctuates depending on the temperature outside, adjusting the knob to a specific value may not result in a consistent temperature at all times throughout heating season. Instead, make small adjustments to the unit periodically to best fit your needs.

If your knob doesn’t seem to be working properly, contact your Facilities Superintendent immediately.

If you are having other issues with your heating or cooling, please fill out a Facilities Service Request.

Be considerate of our energy concerns and to the extent possible, try to keep your temperature settings low.

Some notes for optimum performance 

  • Never touch the valve!
  • Make sure to not block the radiator to allow the warm air to circulate
  • Keep windows closed so that warm air does not escape and cool air does not enter
  • During the winter, keep your heater operating to prevent pipes from freezing
  • During the winter breaks, turn you heater to the snowflake, or the lowest number setting
  • During all other breaks, turn your heater down to the minimum
  • Refer to this guide on radiator instructions for more information about the heater in your college

Adjust the knob to control the amount of hot water flowing through the unit 

Adjust the knob to control the amount of hot water flowing through the unit.

Valves should never be adjusted

Valves should never be adjusted.