Commuting Sustainably

New Haven and the surrounding area is a great place to live, work, and learn. It’s also easy to get around. Named Best Workplace for Commuters, Yale’s campus is easy to navigate by bike or on foot, with public transportation nearby and accessible. Learn what you can do to help us reduce single-occupancy vehicle use and make Yale a healthy, thriving campus:

No one likes to sit in traffic. Make your commute as easy as possible by exploring our public transit resources and the benefits for eligible users. 
Taking a flight? Offset your emissions with the Yale Community Carbon Fund.
Avoid travel altogether. Consider whether telecommuting is an option for you. Take advantage of Yale’s teleconferencing services and reduce travel time between meetings. 

Meeting our Goals

Yale’s Mobility Goals aim to support systems for alternative and active transportation, and to advance transportation choices that improve human health and environmental vitality. Learn more about how we are doing.


Car-free New Haven

In this video, Yale commuters discuss alternative transportation options to driving.

Commuter Counseling

A tool outlining transportation options, for those looking for alternatives to driving.

Yale Shuttle

Additional information about the university shuttle service.


Zipcar is a car sharing program that uses revolutionary technology to make the process of car sharing safe, easy and convenient.

Go New Haven Go

Learn more about goNewHavengo, a sustainable transportation coalition that encourages healthier, cleaner, and cheaper travel in the Greater New Haven Area.

Take a Transportation Tour

Discover the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, the New Haven Green and where to buy a bike or use a Zipcar.