Spring Salvage

Move out the sustainable way! Donate your unwanted items during Spring Salvage, Yale’s move-out program supporting all fourteen of Yale’s undergraduate residential colleges as well as Old Campus. 

What is Spring Salvage?

Spring Salvage is Yale’s annual resource recovery program that aims to reduce material waste during undergraduate moveout. Students bring items to collection sites located throughout Yale’s residential colleges and Old Campus, and Spring Salvage staff transfer these items to designated Goodwill trailers. The program is coordinated by Yale Recycling and the Yale Office of Sustainability, and typically runs for about 4 weeks during May. 
In 2018, Yale donated over 50,000 lbs. of items to Goodwill Industries of Southern New England through Spring Salvage. Play your part by donating reusable material and support our local community! 

Donation Dos and Don’ts

Soft Stuff: 
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • towels
  • bedding
Hard Stuff: 
  • books
  • electronics (broken or working)
  • sporting equipment
  • housewares
Items to be placed near bins: 
  • chairs
  • bookshelves
  • beds
  • futon frames
  • other large items
Please NO:
  • wet/soiled/mildewed fabrics
  • egg-crate foam
  • mattresses
  • undergarments
  • broken glass 
  • broken furniture 
  • trash

Location of Bins

  • Benjamin Franklin: Archway with Oikos and dragon etchings, Archway with door D
  • Berkeley: Elm St and Wall St. archways
  • Branford: Linonia Court, Brothers of Unity Courtyard
  • Davenport: York St. entrance
  • Ezra Stiles: Tower E
  • Grace Hopper: Elm St. archway
  • Jonathan Edwards: Center of pavilion next to Weir Hall
  • Morse: Payne Whitney gate, Entryway A
  • Old Campus: Phelps Gate, Bingham, Vanderbilt archway, near recycling by Lanman-Wright Memorial Hall
  • Pauli Murray: Archway near D and theatre, Archway near H
  • Pierson: Archway by dining hall, Park St. gates
  • Saybrook: Middle archway between courtyards
  • Silliman: All entrance gates
  • Timothy Dwight: Temple St. gate, Entryway E and I
  • Trumbull: Elm St. archway near dining hall, Entryway K