Green Labs

Yale Environmental Health & Safety has developed a Green Labs Certification Program to raise awareness that even small changes in operations and purchasing habits can create a positive outcome.

Similar to the Yale Green Workplace Certification program, the Green Labs Certification program has four levels of achievement (Y – A – L – E). The process begins when a laboratory commits itself to actively participating in this initiative by performing a self-assessment of their current laboratory practices. Points are earned for successfully adopting and verifying sustainable laboratory practices. Successful achievement of all four levels may require the adoption of additional practices over time as well as a sustained demonstration of these practices.

Laboratories earning all four stages of certification will be given a written certificate of achievement, and special recognition signage for their laboratory. An annual celebration of labs achieving high levels of certification will be held. To remain a green laboratory, laboratories must be re-certified on an annual basis. For more information or to register apply for the program, please see the Environmental Health and Safety site.