Green Certifications

Green Events

Green Event Certification encourages, recognizes and celebrates the voluntary sustainable efforts that event organizers take to reduce the environmental, social and financial costs of their event. It also creates an opportunity to inform and engage event attendees in sustainable practices.

Follow the steps below to certify your event:

  1. View our Green Event Certification Checklist to see what’s entailed with hosting a green event.
  2. Complete a short survey to certify your event at the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level.
  3. Check your email for confirmation of your green-certified event, and to download your Green Event Certificate.
  4. Display your Green Event Certificate at your event to promote sustainability at Yale.

If you’re serving food at your event, see the Yale Healthy Meeting Guidelines for suggestions on healthy green choices.

Green Workplace

Green Workplace Certification is designed to educate and encourage sustainable practices in the workplace. The checklist offers action items that promote environmental, health and financial vitality. We hope it inspires you to develop creative solutions to sustainability challenges in your workplace.

Follow these 3 easy steps to earn your Green Workplace certification:

  • Define your workplace. A workplace can be a contiguous group of offices that share a common area or it can be a group of staff members working together as a unit but located in separate spaces.

Green Labs

Yale Green Labs Certification is managed through Environmental Health and Safety. The program offers four levels of achievement (Y – A – L – E). Participating labs perform a self-assessment and earn points for successfully adopting and verifying sustainable laboratory practices. 

Green Athletics

The Green Team Certification Program encourages Yale athletic teams to integrate sustainability into their team culture and everyday practices. Participating teams earn points for taking actions such as recycling, conserving energy, donating old clothing and equipment, and taking part in sustainable service projects. At the end of each semester, the top performing teams are recognized and rewarded. 

If you are part of a club or varsity athletic team at Yale and would like to get involved, please email