Please see below for sustainability-related job openings at Yale University.

Staff Positions

Urban Sustainability Program Specialist

The Urban Sustainability Program Manager is responsible for leading key efforts to enhance collaboration between Yale and area partners on transportation, community engagement, land use, and biodiversity. This position promotes sustainability both within Yale and the New Haven community, in-person and through the use of online platforms, and partners with managers from various city departments and non-governmental organizations as part of Yale’s effort to enhance collaboration between Yale, New Haven, and the surrounding region. This is a fulltime salaried staff position.

Principa​l Responsibilities:

  1. Works closely with University leadership, internal and external colleagues, and community residents to develop and implement collaborative urban sustainability programs and events.
  2. Leads a program to develop a strategy to enhance the walkability and bikability of the Yale campus.
  3. Manages a portfolio of transportation-related university programs, including bike-sharing and car-sharing initiatives as well as resources for Yale employee and student commuters.
  4. Collaborates with Yale Human Resources and Administration on developing programming and resources for Yale staff members, which includes events, programming and promotion of various employee benefits related to sustainability, particularly transportation. Oversees the development and analysis of a biennial survey, creating and maintaining website content, and maintains a vibrant social media presence.
  5. Captures and analyzes metrics to identify and measure the success of various programs related to sustainability. Recommends programmatic or communications adjustments based on knowledge of Yale and New Haven sustainability priorities.
  6. Prepares materials with the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs, and represents Yale in meetings and at events with officials in the City of New Haven, the State of CT, and other institutions in the region to communicate the university’s commitment to transportation demand management programs, address various urban infrastructure challenges and enhance the ecological, social, and economic vitality of the region.
  7. Collaborates with various operational and academic stakeholders on initiatives to enhance sustainable land and biodiversity management on campus.
  8. Liaises with faculty and students on academic inquiries related to the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025, which includes the goals under Stewardship, Climate Action, and Mobility.
  9. Presents information about Yale Sustainability programs at select conferences as well as orientations for students, staff, and faculty, and at other events and meetings as-needed, both on and off campus.
  10. Develops strategic partnerships with like-minded peer institutions and municipalities.
  11. Supports institutional efforts to develop coherent policies and practices related to carbon offsets. Oversees the management of the Yale Community Carbon Fund, a program designed to allow Yale community members to offset travel and events with contributions to local sustainability initiatives.
  12. Oversees temporary and student employees as needed.

Education and Experience

Required: Bachelor’s degree and two years of experience working with sustainable urban infrastructure, collaborations and relationships are required.
Preferred: Master’s degree and experience in higher education or environment or with municipal sustainability / urban planning.

Skills & Abilities:

The ideal candidate will possess:

  1. Experience working with the principles and practice of urban sustainability.  
  2. Strong analytic and strategic planning skills.
  3. Excellent oral and written communication skills, including report writing and presentations.
  4. Significant working knowledge of Microsoft Office software applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and web platforms such as Drupal and Qualtrics.
  5. Ability to communicate with a broad variety of stakeholders both in person and through online platforms.

Interested candidates should apply through, using STARS requisition number 48269BR.

Student Positions

Sustainability Design Requirements Research Assistant

The Office of Facilities is currently in the process of completing a Refresh of our Sustainable Design Requirements. These describe the goals, strategies and procedures for providing and meeting sustainable design requirements for capital projects. We are seeking a student intern to update the Yale Sustainable Products List (SPL) that are an important reference tool. The SPL  provides information on the environmental and human health impacts of building products and materials to bring the product selection process in line with the University’s larger sustainability goals. The products are separated into broad categories such as flooring, ceiling, walls, doors, windows, etc. within each category, individual materials, such as carpet, wood flooring, linoleum, etc were evaluated  based on industry recognized independent certification programs. The SPL was last updated in 2012 and the continued availability of the products as well as their current sustainability certifications need to be reviewed.  The work involves an initial on site meeting with University Office of Facilities staff to review the SPL, as well as on site progress meetings. The review of products on manufacturer websites can be done remotely. Contacting manufacturers for product material information may also be necessary. 

Please send a cover letter and resume to