Sustainability Advisory Council

The Sustainability Advisory Council is a group of institutional leaders, student representatives, and alumni tasked with offering guidance and inspiration on Yale’s Sustainability Plan. This group meets bi-annually and receives updates from the Office of Sustainability.

Jack Callahan, University Operations (Co-chair)

Ann Kurth, School of Nursing (Co-chair)

Deborah Berke, School of Architecture

Indy Burke, School of the Environment

Marvin Chun, Yale College

Michael Crair, School of Medicine

Don Filer, Office of International Affairs

Eugénie Gentry, Office of Development

Susan Gibbons, Office of the Provost

Maria Ivanova, Alumni Representative, ’99 MEM, ‘99 MA ’06 PhD 

Anthony Kosior, Interim Leader, Facilities and Campus Development

John Mayes, Administration Operations

Pamela Schirmeister, Graduate Studies

Greg Sterling, Divinity School

Rafi Taherian, Yale Hospitality

Sten Vermund, School of Public Health

Lauren Zucker, Office of New Haven Affairs and University Properties

Student Representatives

Jon Gewirtzman, School of the Environment

Luis Halvorssen, Yale College

Madeline Zaritsky, Yale College