Sustainability Advisory Council

The Sustainability Advisory Council is a group of institutional leaders and alumni tasked with offering guidance and inspiration on Yale’s Sustainability Plan. This group meets annually and receives quarterly updates from the Office of Sustainability.

John Bollier, Office of Facilities (Co-chair)

Ann Kurth, School of Nursing (Co-chair)

Deborah Berke, School of Architecture

Indy Burke, School of the Environment

Jack Callahan, University Operations

Marvin Chun, Yale College

Don Filer, Office of International Affairs

Eugénie Gentry, Office of Development

Susan Gibbons, Libraries

Maria Ivanova, Alumni Representative, ’99 MEM, ‘99 MA ’06 PhD 

Janet Lindner, Human Resources and Administration

Thomas Lovejoy, Alumni Representative, ’63 BA, ’71 PhD

John Mayes, Administration Operations

Nate Nickerson, Vice President for Communications

Peter Schiffer, Office of the Provost

Pamela Schirmeister, Graduate Studies

Jim Slattery, Office of the Provost

Greg Sterling, Divinity School

Rafi Taherian, Yale Hospitality

Sten Vermund, School of Public Health

Lauren Zucker, Office of New Haven and State Affairs and University Properties

Implementation Steering Committee

The Implementation Steering Committee is a rotating selection of faculty and staff that support the execution of the Yale Sustainability Plan. The group actively works to build connections between the classroom, the campus, and the city by integrating scholarship and operations. This group meets four times per year with subcommittee meetings in the interim.

Paul Anastas, School of the Environment/Chemistry (Co-chair)

Stuart DeCew, Center for Business and the Environment (Co-chair)

Debbie Stanley-McAulay, Human Resources and Administration (Co-chair)

Saed Alizamir, School of Management

Brenda Armstrong, Environmental Health & Safety

Allison Arnett, Hospitality

Billy Bromage, School of Medicine

Gary Brudvig, Energy Sciences and Chemistry

Jim Berger, American Studies

Sue Cascio, University Properties

Kristina Chmelar, Facilities Planning

Kate Cooney, School of Management

Jose DeJesus, School of Medicine

Miraj Desai, School of Medicine

Saveena Dhall, School of Nursing

Michael Donoghue, YIBS and EEB

Rob Dubrow, School of Public Health 

Thomas Easley, School of the Environment

David Evans, Geology and Geophysics

Michael Fotos, Political Science and Environmental Studies

Jennifer Frederick, Center for Teaching and Learning

Brad Gentry, School of the Environment

Annie Harper, School of Medicine

Dev Hawley, University Planning & Facilities Operations

Jeff Hughes, Facilities Operations

Farren Isaacs, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology 

Cathy Jackson, University Planning

Michael Jarosz, Finance and Business Operations

Lisa Kimmel, Being Well at Yale

Joe Manning, Anthropology  

Joe Mastracchio, Procurement

Chris Mihok, Purchasing

Colleen Murphy-Dunning, Hixon Center for Urban Ecology

Jenna Musco, School of the Environment

Tricia Napor, Hospitality

Alan Organschi, Architecture

Michael Oristaglio, Energy Studies

Julie Paquette, Facilities Engineering

Martin Parker, Public Safety

Maya Prabhu, Psychiatry

Narasimha Rao, School of the Environment 

Brita Roy, School of Medicine

Os Schmitz, School of the Environment 

Jodi Sherman, School of Medicine 

Bob Sullivan, Yale Hospitality

Kassie Tucker, Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking

John Wargo, School of the Environment

Bridgett Williamson, School of Medicine

Joseph Zinter, SEAS and CEID