November 2022 News

Photo of Hillhouse Avenue on Yale's campus
November 30, 2022
The annual report on Yale’s nine-year sustainability plan offers insights on top-level goals and opportunities for improvement.
November 16, 2022
What happens after you throw a bottle in the recycling bin? The answer may not be what you hope or expect.
Photo of Yale School of Management
November 16, 2022
Yale SOM student Sofia John ’23 on what she learned volunteering for a regional organization dedicated to  sustainable communities.
Yale students who will be attending the COP27 climate summit in Egypt
November 7, 2022
Five Yale School of the Environment students explain what they hope to take away from the UN’s annual climate conference.
A Yale staff member uses a battery powered, zero-emission mower
November 7, 2022
Yale is fast on its way to adoping 100% battery-powered landscape equipment—reducing noise, pollutants, and climate-warming emissions.