Central Power Plant

Location: 120 Tower Pkwy, New Haven, CT 06511
Description: The Central Power Plant provides electricity, steam heating, and chilled water to buildings on Yale’s main campus including Science Hill area
Did you know? The Central Power Plant is a co-generation facility primarily fueled by natural gas
  • It recaptures the lost heat released during electricity creating to be used as an additional source of energy
  • Three 1.5 megawatt peaking and emergency diesel generators
  • Two 7.9 MW combustion turbines were installed in 2016
Get involved: Refer to our energy saving tips to learn what you can do to save. 

Sterling Power Plant

Location: 309 Congress Ave, New Haven, CT 06510
Description: 15 megawatt co-generation facility built in 2010 supplies the Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital with steam, chilled water, and electricity
Did you know? The Sterling Power Plant generates 15 megawatts of electricity from two turbines, and recycles heat resulting from that process to help produce 180,000 pounds of steam per hour from two heat recovery steam generators

Becton Micro Wind Turbines

Location: 15 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511
Description: A pilot project to test wind power was installed on the roof of the Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center in March 2009; decommissioned in 2019
Did you know? 10 micro wind turbines can produce 25 megawatt hours of energy in a year
  • The wind turbines are manufactured by AeroVironment
  • Each wind turbine can generate one-kilowatt of electricity
Get involved: Join an energy-related group on campus to learn more about new technology and efficiency opportunities.

Fisher Hall

Location: 352 Canner St, New Haven, CT 06511
Description: Solar panel on the roof of Divinity School’s Fisher Hall
Did you know? Fisher Hall was the University’s first solar installation, providing 17% of building’s energy demand
  • It has 225 solar panels
  • There are 45,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity produced annually
Get involved: Learn about Yale Divinity School’s sustainability priorities in their Action Plan.

Kroon Hall

Location: 195 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511
Description: Kroon Hall houses Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Did you know: Kroon Hall is LEED Platinum certified
  • 100 kilowatt solar array, solar water heating system, and abundance of natural light reduce carbon emissions
  • Its shape reduces interior temperature fluctuations, and geothermal ventilation system circulates conditioned air through perforations in the floor
  • Graywater system capture rainwater, and uses it to flush toilets and irrigate the landscaping
  • 15,000 board feet of wood (15%) harvested from Yale-owned, sustainability managed forests; structural concrete was made from recycled blast-furnace slag, preventing 4000+ tons of carbon from being emitted
Get involved: Learn how you can help improve your buildings performance with the Yale Carbon Charge

West Campus Solar Array

Location: 750 West Campus Drive, West Haven, CT 06516
Description: A solar array atop the Storage and Receiving Center generating 1/5 of West Campus’s energy demand
Did you know? The Solar Array includes 4,400 panels covering close to 2 acres of roof top
  • 1.34 megawatt solar installation
  • Generates 1.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually
  • Offsets the equivalent of more than 16,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over the life of the system
  • Delivered an eight-fold increase in the university’s on-site renewable energy generation
Get involved: Learn how you can help improve your buildings performance with the Yale Carbon Charge