Yale to Join the Climate Registry to Advance Carbon Accounting

August 27, 2014

Yale will soon become the first Ivy League institution to join the Climate Registry as a part of the University’s process to adopt third-party verification of its greenhouse gas inventory. Third-party verification of greenhouse gas emissions includes an independent review of a company or organization’s emissions inventory. Similar to a financial audit, verification of an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions is an audit of the organization’s emissions accounting.

One of the first U.S. universities to commit to emissions reductions in 2005, Yale pledged to reduce emissions from its two power plants and fleet of vehicles 43% below 2005 levels by 2020. Yale will continue to be at the vanguard of emission reporting by becoming a member of the Climate Registry.  

The Climate Registry is a North American not-for-profit organization that offers tools to increase the accuracy, accountability, and transparency of greenhouse gas emissions reporting. It is also known for promoting internationally recognized standards for reporting. By joining the Climate Registry, Yale’s future emissions reports will adhere to best practice protocols for carbon accounting.

With this step, the University hopes that its decision to seek third-party verification for its emissions inventory will encourage other universities to do the same.

“Yale is truly demonstrating its leadership in emissions reductions by signing onto the Climate Registry. Through this action the University will improve its inventory process and the reliability of its reporting. By committing to verify its emissions inventory using a third party, Yale is taking meaningful action to address climate change and clearly augmenting its 2005 reduction commitment,” said Keri Enright-Kato, Program Manager in the Yale Office of Sustainability.

Although many companies and governments have joined the Climate Registry, only 13 universities are members. Of these, 12 are state institutions in California that are legally mandated to report accordingly.[1] Yale will become the third private college or university and the first Ivy League institution to join the registry.