What’s your Climate Story?

April 4, 2016

As Earth Day quickly approaches on April 22nd, we invite members of the Yale community to share their climate story. Climate change is not just about climate in terms of weather patterns as a result of human impact, it’s also about the social and political climate that contributed to carbon intensive industries and lifestyles.  National landmarks like Earth Day are a crucial opportunity for our generation to reflect on the kind of world and community we want to be a part of.  

Yale continues to set and surpass our goals for campus sustainability. However, sustainability ultimately boils down to people and their values. What better way to emphasize the significance of personal values than story-telling?

The Yale Climate Stories Project invites faculty, staff, and students to share a ‘Climate Story,’ an instance where you were personally impacted by social, political, cultural or environmental conditions at Yale and beyond. We hope that by sharing “Climate Stories” from around campus, we can highlight the range of emotional responses that climate incites and the need to draw upon diverse disciplines – social sciences, humanities, and the arts – to make a meaningful impact. 

In light of discussions last semester around race and inclusiveness, now is an ideal time to consider the role of community-formation in sustainability at Yale. The hope is that with enough story submissions, select stories will be exhibited in celebration of Earth Day.

Learn more about the Yale Climate Stories Project and submit your story today!