Welcome Freshmen

Welcome to Yale!

Yale is committed to being a global sustainability leader as an institution and a learning environment. As you plan for your arrival at Yale we encourage you to consider the following opportunities:

Pack Eco-Nomically

  • Communicate with your suite-mates about what they will bring and what you might share, such as televisions and game consuls and furniture. Three things to bring:
  • LED light bulbs for your desk lamp, which use less energy and will last until you graduate; a drying rack, which saves energy and dryer costs; and
  • a reusable mug, bowl, and utensils, which are great for midnight snacks.
  • Consider how much you really need, and pack accordingly.

Live Eco-Nomically

From what you eat to what you waste, dining halls, dorm rooms, and classrooms are all places where your actions matter.

  • Yale has single stream recycling, so no need to worry about sorting your recyclables. Just put them all into one bin!
  • Turn off your lights and power strips to save energy and extend the life of your electronics.
  • File notes, readings and papers electronically to maintain your files in a searchable, sortable format that saves time and paper.
  • All of the colleges and old campus offer affordable double-sided printing options, so there’s no need to purchase or bring your own desk-side printer with you.

Yale has am ambitious sustainability plan connecting operations to the academic experience at the University. Read through the plan and get involved

For more information about sustainability while moving to campus, refer to this online guide and do not hesitate to contact our team at sustainability@yale.edu with any questions or ideas.