Green Events

The aim of Green Event Certification is to encourage, recognize and celebrate the voluntary, sustainable efforts that event organizers have taken to reduce the environmental, social and financial costs of their event. The certification also serves as an opportunity to inform and engage event attendees in the sustainable initiatives taking place at Yale.

Green Certification can be obtained through the Yale Office of Sustainability. Help Yale be a more sustainable place.

Certification is simple and free to all organizers, just follow these three steps:

  1. Download the Green Event Checklist in order to incorporate the action items into your event. If you have compatibility issues with the checklist, feel free to use this simpler version. It has all the same content, just simpler formatting! Please see the Green Event Certification Step-by-Step Guide for instructions on how to complete the checklist.
  2. Refer to the Additional Information + Resources to obtain tips and ideas on how to plan your event sustainably.
  3. Complete the checklist and email it to the Office of Sustainability. We will review your application and present your event with a certification.


Yale Green Event Checklist

Green Event Checklist

Green Event Checklist (Mac-friendly version)

Yale Green Event Certification Guide Green Event Certification Step-by-Step Guide