Community Carbon Fund

Downtown New Haven

The Yale Community Carbon Fund (YCCF) is a joint project of the Office of Sustainability and the Center for Business and Environment at Yale to support local carbon mitigation projects that go beyond Yale’s immediate campus. When money is donated, the Yale Community Carbon Fund staff invests it in ways that enable low income people or organizations in New Haven to become more energy efficient AND save money. 

How it Works
  1. Calculate your personal or departmental emissions or emissions associated with an event.
  2. Take steps to reduce your emissions and donate to the YCCF to help offset unavoidable emissions.
  3. The YCCF invests donated funds in energy saving projects for low-income households in New Haven.

Calculate Emissions

Visit the Community Carbon Fund Calculator website to calculate the emissions associated with your occasional travel, regular commute, or Yale related event. You can calculate emissions for an individual, a group of colleagues, or your whole department. Based on the information you provide, the calculator will predict your associated emissions and will suggest a recommended donation amount.

You can even use the calculator to determine how many emissions you can save by changing the way you do things. For example, if your department organizes a webinar rather than physically bringing people to campus, the event calculator will tell you the emissions you saved by having a webinar.


Donations can be made by secure debit or credit card through the Community Carbon Fund Calculator. After calculating your carbon emissions you will be connected to a secure website where you can make your donation.

If you prefer to donate through a Yale internal transfer of funds please make note of your calculated suggested donation and contact the Yale Community Carbon Fund Coordinator, Departments making donations should use expense type 911200 Subsidies (DR) for transfers or when preparing budgets.

Projects and Event Contributors

To learn more about specific projects supported by the YCCF or to see what New Haven events have offset their footprint with donating to YCCF, visit the Projects and Event Contributors page. 

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