Celebrate Sustainability

The Yale Office of Sustainability is excited to announce that Celebrate Sustainability will take place October 5–9, 2015. This week-long series of events provides the Yale community with opportunities to recognize the successes, challenges, and innovations of sustainability at Yale. Celebrate Sustainability raises awareness and sparks campus-wide conversation about environmental, social, and economic priorities and accomplishments through a series of speakers and activities organized by groups across campus.

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The theme for 2015 is Sustainability Solutions: Global Challenges, Local Action. Norwegian psychologist Per Espen Stoknes recently said in an interview that presenting environmental issues as catastrophes inhibits problem-solving, and advocated for “stories that tell us that nature is resilient and can rebound and get back to a healthier state, if we give it a chance to do so.” In keeping with this idea, we hope that this theme can pull the conversation towards a constructive and creative frame of mind.

We hope that Celebrate Sustainability 2015 will help the Yale community discuss the following questions:

  • What exciting work is being done at Yale to solve problems related to sustainability?
  • What solutions to common problems are effective at individual levels? At university levels?
  • What solutions could be enhanced by participation from people outside of the Yale community?
  • Where do you fit into Yale’s solutions which enhance sustainability?
  • What types of strategies or techniques are commonly used in effective sustainability solutions?
  • What concrete problems do we face that still need solutions? How can we present them as opportunities rather than catastrophes?

We hope that your student group, department, school, or unit will consider hosting an event for Celebrate Sustainability. Please contact Maxwell Knapp, Woodbridge Fellow at the Office of Sustainability for support in the planning, advertising, and/or submission of an event (maxwell.knapp@yale.edu). 

We look forward to seeing you at many of this year’s Celebrate Sustainability events! Please click here to register an event.

All public events will be shared with others around the state as part of CT Campus Sustainability Week. Check out the full calendar of events