Melissa Goodall

Current Responsibilities: Melissa Goodall has been with Yale Sustainability since 2009. She is particularly passionate about connecting local action and Yale’s scholarly activities to global priorities: In this spirit, she has created a set of resources connecting Yale’s activities to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She also partners with peer institutions in the International Alliance of Research Universities and the International Sustainable Campus Network to develop shared publications and programming on global challenges. 
Since 2010, Melissa has been running a program to develop and implement department-level sustainability action plans for Yale’s professional schools, residential colleges, and other high-impact departments. Each of these is crafted to connect to the discipline or mission of the department, while furthering Yale’s sustainability ambitions. 
Melissa works closely with Yale Hospitality, the Division of Global Strategy, and Yale Operations.  She is also the lead Yale Sustainability contact for the alumni of Yale Blue-Green. 
Previous Positions:
Five years as the Associate Director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy 
Two years with the Dean’s Office of the School of the Environment
Five years as a consultant with the United Nations Development Programme.
Academic/Professional Credentials and Appointments: Melissa is on the Board is and is the co-chair of the Advisory Council of the International Sustainable Campus Network, and is on the Steering Committee of the Sustainability Initiative of the International Alliance of Research Universities. She is also an Advisor to the UN Higher Education Sustainability Initiative and an External Advisor to the Center for Governance and Sustainability at UMass Boston. She earned her doctoral degree at Antioch University New England, where the topic of her dissertation is the role that higher education instructions can play in advancing more robust solutions to governing the global commons. She also holds an MS from Antioch as well as a BFA from New York University. She is a Fellow of Silliman College
Fun Facts:
Melissa and her family own a local sustainable coffee shop. 
Melissa is certified to teach Zumba. 
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