Sculpture Building

The Sculpture Building, completed in 2007, is a 55,000 square foot space that that houses offices, studios, classrooms, and machine shops for undergraduate and graduate sculpture programs for the School of Art. In 2008 it won the International Architecture Award and became first building in Connecticut to receive a LEED Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council.

Energy efficiency is a fundamental focus of the building design. It is sited to maximize the amount of natural light available, reducing the need for artificial illumination. Indoor lights automatically dim when natural light levels are sufficient enough, and large windows are featured throughout the studio spaces. The south and east facades have external shading to control the solar load of the building and occupancy sensors automatically turn off lights. All of these features significantly reduce the energy use of the building.

Additional sustainability features include locally manufactured and harvested materials; waterless urinals and dual flush toilets; a stormwater reuse system which recycles the water to be used for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation; operable windows and an air monitoring system that tests for volatile organic compounds, monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity and particulates.