Malone Center

Malone Center, home of the Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Malone Center, home of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, was completed in 2005 and received a LEED Gold rating. The building provides 65,000 square feet of laboratories and offices equipped for cutting-edge research, all while consuming 10 percent less power than a standard building of comparable size.

Energy savings are achieved through a combination of new technologies and sustainable design best practices: the building’s position and window placement optimize exposure to natural daylight, while occupancy and ambient light sensors regulate artificial light, temperature control, and ventilation.

Laboratory waste water is filtered and used to flush the toilets. Low flow bathroom fixtures use water sparingly, reducing water use by 85 percent. Seventy-five percent of the building’s woodwork comes from sustainably managed forests, and all of the paints, carpets, and other interior finishes were chosen for their low emission of air contaminants, ensuring excellent indoor air quality. In addition, 90% of the building project’s construction debris was recycled.

The Malone Center is surrounded by native plants which reduce the need for irrigation. The planting of local species also provides critical wildlife habitat and reduces storm water runoff.