October: Food

Sustainable food choices you can make…

Meat production is responsible for 14-22% of our global greenhouse gas emissions. The whole process—from producing animal feed to transportation—emits carbon and pollutes our environment with harmful chemicals. Plant-based proteins are much healthier, and require one-tenth the fossil fuels to produce.

  • Tip: Choose one day a week to go meatless. Instead, get your protein from low-impact foods like quinoa, tofu, black beans, and chickpeas, which have all the essential amino acids.

We waste a quarter of the food we buy. Not only does that mean we’re throwing out hundreds of dollars a year toward food we throw away, but as that food sits in landfills, it produces methane, a major greenhouse gas. To help reduce waste, you don’t need to give up much—just the food you don’t end up eating.

  • Tip: Keep perishable items in the front of your fridge so you remember to use them before they go bad!

Ninety-six percent of the water we use every day goes towards making the food and items we use. Just one hamburger takes 2,400L of water to produce! Taking this much water away from rivers makes it harder to flush out pollution, increases flood risk, and harms wildlife

  • Tip: Processed foods require much more water to make. Make your own lunch instead of just bringing a pre-packaged meal.

Challenge Yourself! 

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