A lot goes on behind the scenes to power Yale’s endeavors. Click on the images below to learn more about energy generation, usage, and management at Yale.

A 1 megawatt solar photovoltaic array has been installed on Yale's West Campus, multiplying the university's on-site renewable energy generation eightfold. With a 20-year lease on the panels, this installation brings Yale to its 2016 goal of a 1% onsite r

How You Can Contribute

  • Remember to turn off A/V equipment whenever possible. An A/V tower draws between 2000 and 2500 watts - as much as 38  laptops.
  • Manage ‘vampire devices’. Unplug them, or use a smart power strip, which can cut energy to such devices and save $200 per year in energy costs.
  • Program your thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for the winter.
  • Ask your Facilities Superintendent if there has been a night survey in your building, and if so, ask to see the recommendations.

Additional Resources