Plan and preserve resilient and sustainable infrastructure and landscapes

Urban Growth and Campus Planning

Develop transformative approaches to urban growth and campus planning that address financial, environmental, and social imperatives.


  • By 2019, update campus land use planning guidelines to ensure enhanced human health, improved biodiversity, and enhanced environmental quality.
  • By 2020, develop and implement planning strategies to efficiently accommodate increased campus population and programmatic expansion.

Land and Water Management

Develop innovative approaches to land and water management that enhance human health, biodiversity, and environmental vitality.


  • By 2021, define standards for innovative landscape management to enhance care and use of Yale land inside and outside of New Haven.
  • By 2020, implement recommendations as proposed in 2016 supplements to campus Stormwater and Water Management Plans in explicit alignment with municipal, regional, and state priorities.
  • By 2023, establish campus best practices, standards, benchmarks, and biodiversity goals and strategies to meet and measure performance to create a campus biodiversity plan.