Demonstrate local and global leadership in sustainability teaching, research, service, and operations

Teaching, Research, Learning, and Service

Enrich and enhance teaching, research, learning, and service that explore and contribute to sustainability solutions.


  • By 2017, establish a set of interdisciplinary working groups to be identified by faculty conveners to focus on teaching, research, and service around key themes such as urbanization, health, food systems, land use, and climate change.
  • By 2018, identify and support institutional pathways for applied research, active learning, and the use of the campus as a living laboratory.
  • By 2019, establish a network to foster communication across the university on sustainability research and teaching, and to foster connections between the university’s scholarship and operations.

Leading Dialogues

Act as a convening voice and leader for dialogues about local, national, and global sustainability challenges.


  • By 2018, establish a program to support projects in collaboration with the City of New Haven and local area groups that enhance sustainability goals.
  • By 2019, develop a strategic plan to chart the course for ambitious national and international collaborations on sustainability research, teaching, and practice.
  • By 2020, formalize an alliance of Yale alumni, donors, and friends to cultivate enduring and meaningful dialogues about sustainability challenges and successes.