Department-Level Plans

Yale University is an institution with a strong, cohesive culture, but also consists of diverse sub-communities, divisions, and departments. The Yale Sustainability Plan 2025 is a critical tool for unifying and focusing sustainability efforts on the Yale campus. To make the plan more accessible to various communities across the university, the Yale Office of Sustainability has assisted in the creation of a set of sustainability action plans tailored to specific schools and departments.

Division Plans

Each of Yale’s operational divisions has a specific set of opportunities in relation to the use and the operation of the campus. Action Plans for various divisions are currently in development.

Yale Finance and Business Operations Sustainability Action Plan

Yale Athletics

Professional School Plans

Yale is home to 11 professional schools, each of which has a distinct culture and physical construct. Sustainability Action Plans that reflect these distinctions and the academic disciplines of the schools are in various stages of development. In several cases, these initiatives have also led to websites and broader programming.

Yale Divinity School

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Yale Law School

Yale School of Management

Yale School of Medicine Laboratory Sustainability Plan 

Yale School of Music

Yale School of Nursing

Yale School of Public Health

Cultural Spaces

Yale’s museums and cultural spaces influence thought and action with their reach to the Yale community and beyond. Capitalizing on this important position in society and moving operations to reflect sustainability principles offers impacts that extend far beyond campus and demonstrate great leadership. 

Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Yale University Library

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Yale University Art Gallery