Managing our materials in a responsible way begins with deliberate choices around the types of products we purchase and buying the quantities we need. Equally important are strategies to minimize the waste that leaves campus by focusing on source reduction, then reuse, recycling, and composting where applicable, and lastly disposal of municipal solid waste.

Everyone can do their part to help Yale reduce waste.

At Yale, single stream recycling makes it easy to recycle all mixed paper, cans, bottles, plastic containers and cardboard on campus. Food waste from the college dining halls is composted, and Yale Dining provides compostable materials for waste-free events. 

Before materials are discarded however, we encourage you to try to re-use items whenever possible. Office furniture and supplies, lab equipment and chemicals can be repurposed through the Eli Surplus Exchange program. In addition, Yale runs an annual Spring Salvage which offers students moving out of their rooms the option to donate unwanted items, from clothing and furniture to school supplies and sporting equipment, for re-use.