Sustainability Governance

The vision statement provided in the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025 is “a Yale where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into the scholarship and operations of the university, contributing to its social, environmental, and financial excellence and positioning Yale as a local and global leader.” This is supported by nine aspirational ambitions that will require constant focus, innovation, and inspiration. Each year existing goals will be achieved and new goals will be added. This process will be dynamic and iterative, and should be inclusive. Below are two of the groups that support the plan, develop and approve new goals, and ensure that Yale maintains its course of sustainability leadership.

Sustainability Advisory Council

The Sustainability Advisory Council is a group of institutional leaders and alumni tasked with offering guidance and inspiration on Yale’s Sustainability Plan. This group will meet annually and receive quarterly updates from the Office of Sustainability.

Current members:

Deborah Burke, Architecture

John Bollier, Facilities (Co-chair)

Indy Burke, F&ES

Kathy Byington, Business Operations Jack Callahan, Operations Marvin Chun, Yale College
Don Filer, International Affairs Susan Gibbons, Libraries Ann Kurth, Nursing (Co-chair)
Janet Lindner, HR&A Pamela Schirmeister, Graduate Studies Jim Slattery, Provost
Greg Sterling, Divinity Rafi Taherian, Hospitality Lauren Zucker, NHA & UP

Implementation Steering Committee

The Implementation Steering Committee is a rotating selection of faculty and staff that supports the execution of the Yale Sustainability Plan—particularly its integration into the scholarship at Yale. This group will meet three times per year and receive updates between meetings. 

Current members:

Paul Anastas, F&ES/Chemistry (Co-chair)   Sue Cascio, University Properties Rob Dubrow, Public Health
David Evans, Geology & Geophysics Alexander Felson, Architecture Nanci Fortgang, Yale Health
Jennifer Frederick, Center for Teaching and Learning Brad Gentry, F&ES/SOM Dev Hawley, Facilities Operations & University Planning
Chris Incarvito, West Campus Cathy Jackson, Planning   Chris Mihok, Purchasing
Colleen Murphy-Dunning, URI Julie Paquette, Facilities Engineering Paul Sabin, History
Os Schmitz, F&ES/YIBS Jodi Sherman, Medicine Stefan Simon, ICPH
Debbie Stanley-McAulay, HR&A (Co-chair)