Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium

The Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium (NECSC) was established in October 2004 to advance education and action for sustainable development on university campuses in the northeast and maritime region. Organized around the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, the NECSC members have committed to an annual meeting that advances campus sustainability by providing close networking opportunities, professional development, and access to the area’s vibrant and growing college and university sustainability practitioner community.

NECSC steering committee members have committed to a decade of annual gatherings.

·  New Hampshire ’04
·  Massachusetts ’05
·  Connecticut ’06
·  Maine ’07
·  New Jersey ’08
·  Vermont ’09
·  Montreal ’10
·  Pennsylvania ’11
·  New York ’12
·  Maryland ’13
·  Rhode Island ’14

Steering Committee members:

·  Dennis Carlberg, Sustainability Director, Boston University
·  Richard Bowden, Faculty member, Allegheny College
·  Julie Rosenbach, Environmental Coordinator, Bates College
·  Keisha Payson, Coordinator for a Sustainable Bowdoin, Bowdoin College
·  Kurt Teichert, Resource Efficiency Manager, Brown University
·  Cathy Resler, Manager of Environmental Stewardship, Columbia University
·  Josh Stoffel, Sustainability Coordinator, Connecticut College
·  Daniel Roth, Sustainability Coordinator, Cornell University
·  Rochelle Owen, Director of Sustainability, Dalhousie University
·  Rosi Kerr, Director, Office of Sustainability, Dartmouth College
·  Heather Henriksen, Director, Office of Sustainability, Harvard University
·  Davis Bookhart, Director, Sustainability Initiative, Johns Hopkins University
·  Mary Jensen, Recycling Coordinator, Keene State College
·  Barbara Kviz, Director, Office of Sustainability, Carnegie Mellon University
·  Steven Lanou, Program Manager for Sustainability Initiatives, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
·  Katherine Ng, Environmental Officer, McGill University
·  Jack Byrne, Director of Sustainability Integration, Middlebury College
·  Shana Weber, Sustainability Manager, Princeton University
·  Rick Martin, Principle Sustainability Analyst, Syracuse University
·  Tina Woolston, Director, Office of Sustainability, Tufts University
·  Richard Miller, Director, Environmental Policy, University of Connecticut
·  Gioia Thompson, Environmental Coordinator, University of Vermont
·  Amber Garrard, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Yale Office of Sustainability

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