Recyclemania 2011: Everyone is in the Game

February 6, 2011

Get your bins ready for Recyclemania, an eight-week long national recycling competition between more than 100 schools. Pitting Yale against its peer institutions (Harvard has a recycling rate of 55%), Recyclemania encourages everyone to carefully consider the fate of their waste. Furthermore, improving Yale’s current recycling rate of 29% supports the Sustainability Strategic Plan’s goal of increasing Yale’s recycling tonnage by 35% by June 2013 (while decreasing solid waste by 25%).

Recyclemania extends February 6 - April 2: everyone in the Yale community (students, staff, faculty) should be extra vigilant about where they put their bottles, cans, newspaper, cardboard, containers, ink cartridges, pens, old cell phones, notes, books, and other waste during this time, and then maintain the good momentum past the competition’s end.

For more information on recycling at Yale visit their website.