Get your event Green Certified!

September 21, 2011

Yale University Office of Sustainability has developed a new and improved green event certification to encourage, recognize and celebrate voluntary, sustainable efforts at Yale events of any size. Event organizers now have a checklist to assist them in reducing the environmental, social and financial costs of their event. Participants interested in certifying their event follow three steps: downloading the checklist; referring to the Yale Office of Sustainability website for further questions; and then filling out the checklist to be sent to the Office.

The green event checklist has actions items split into seven categories, including: transportation, stationary & handouts, catering, energy efficiency & offsets, waste, event communication and other. If one of these categories is not applicable, it will not count against the certification. There is an additional section that allows supplementary innovative actions. Innovative actions include any initiative not featured on the checklist, but accomplished at the event.

After the checklist has been received, a total score is calculated based on the appropriate action items. Each event then earns one of four awards: bronze, silver, gold or platinum, based on the percentage achieved. The Yale Office of Sustainability also distributes a certificate which can be utilized on all marketing and communications materials. In addition, the event will be featured in the “Past Certified Events” section of the site to inspire and motivate other organizers.